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EROWA - That is where you get...

...more than you expect

It's just very rarely in life that you really get something for free. But sometimes what you get exceeds expectations. And exactly this is our goal: to offer you more than you expect. A service where you didn't expect it, a product advantage you hadn't thought of, a flexibility you wouldn't have thought possible.

In other words: the icing on the cake, where you suspected nothing but routine.


For more than three decades, our "Flexible Manufacturing Concept" FMC has had a lasting influence on productivity in metal cutting. The F is just as important as the C: Today, the flexibility of our systems covers such a wide range that the production of individual parts may be automated easily.

And this is due to the C. "Concept" means that we are constantly thinking about how we might improve the workflow of your machines a little, how we could minimize downtimes even further. Our goal is productivity...

... and therefore the increase of your competitiveness

Innovation as tradition

Industry 4.0 - is this the revolution?

Not for us.

We have been following this philosophy for over 30 years. It has become our DNA.

And our customers from the most diverse areas of industrial production live excellently with our systems.

EROWA - Everything you need to know to be prepared for Industrie 4.0.

Innovative on the road since 1971

2017 Smart Chucks, stock handling

2016 Robot Dynamic 150L

2015 Robot Six, CleverClamp

2014 Robot Compact 80

2013 Fixture construction

2011 CMM Qi - the 3D measuring machine

2010 Self-centering vices

2009 Robot Dynamic 250

2008 MTS+ quick change pallet system

2007 Robot Linear

2006 Robot Heavy

2005 CTS and FTS clamping systems

2004 Robot Easy

2003 PM Tooling for powder presses

2002 JMSPRO process control system

2001 MTS The quick change pallet system

... and it started even earlier

Worldwide support

Our customers can expect more than the usual even after the sale. Whether it is a single product or a complete manufacturing system, our service is always available worldwide to help out with problems.

And we also support you after the implementation has been completed. With training and further education for your personnel, with technical maintenance service and rigorous measuring equipment inspections. In short: More than you expect.

EROWA is present worldwide.